Intune Endpoint Management: 4-wk Implementation

Beyond Impact 2.0 LLC

Secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and devices without disruption to existing processes. Help protect user devices against threats and provide automated provisioning and software updates.

Beyond Impact will provide reliable solution delivery of Endpoint Management with Intune, Azure AD & Azure Information Protection to help manage mobile devices, apps, and data. You will gain control over mobile devices with configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Solution can include multiple components, depending on your requirements. With Microsoft Intune your business can meet its compliance and control needs while users get the flexibility in how they stay connected.

The project will include these steps:

Planning and Deployment:

  1. Determine objectives
  2. Inventory devices
  3. Determine costs and licensing
  4. Review existing policies and infrastructure
  5. Create a rollout plan
  6. Communicate changes
  7. Support help desk and end users

Setup Intune:

  1. Supported configurations
  2. Sign in to Intune
  3. Configure domain name
  4. Add users and groups
  5. Assign licenses
  6. Set the MDM authority
  7. Add apps
  8. Configure devices
  9. Customize Company Portal
  10. Enable device enrollment
  11. Configure app policies

Outcomes and Offer Deliverables include:

  • In-depth understanding of the client’s goals
  • Identifying opportunity areas
  • Developing a roadmap and for environment customization
  • Basic deployment of the Enterprise Mobility Solution with Intune
  • Assistance in running in Microsoft Intune


During a discovery call we will identify and validate your specific requirements and objectives. We will also leverage any available funding programs on your behalf.