Azure Managed Services : 3 hours Workshop

Devoteam M Cloud

Make the most of this workshop to evaluate your digital transformation plan and the expected needs for different management service levels.

Once you have taken the step of moving all or part of your infrastructure to Azure, our customers understand that it is necessary to adapt their service management approach to a more agile one.

We offer to manage all or part of your IT (including Azure) using a continuous improvement approach based on the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), combining administration and monitoring, support, expertise and change management. We manage your Azure foundation (subscription, networks, security, finOps, etc.) and your services: IaaS, PaaS (database, service bus, AKS cluster, etc.) and SaaS. This clever mix is completely adapted and necessary to make your solutions live in Azure, to allow you to benefit from the latest cloud features and to focus on your core business. The challenge is to ensure business satisfaction by measuring and monitoring the availability, security and obsolescence levels of your services.

We propose you a workshop which allows us to apprehend the perimeter to be taken in charge, to evaluate a possible plan of transformation as well as the needs of expected service levels.

At the end, we will present you with a global service offer. This service offer will vary according to: the number of services, the level of support, the number of users, the recurrence of management actions as well as the time slots for intervention