.NET Modernization in a Day:- 1-Day workshop

FyrSoft LLC

Microsoft’s .NET Modernization one-day workshop is to get you started on modernizing .NET apps using Azure.

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Microsoft’s .NET Modernization in a Day workshop is built to help you evaluate your applications, prepare them for migration and host them on managed tools in Azure that were purpose-built for .NET. we will go through the story for the web applications sales play, with a pitch designed for customers looking to migrate web applications to the cloud. We will focus on the value of fully managed services in Azure – with a special focus on App Service, the hero service for web applications – as well as how customers can incorporate innovation in their apps after going through their migration journey.

In our workshop, you will better understand:

• How to evaluate and prioritize .NET applications for modernization • How Microsoft technologies can help you increase .NET application resiliency and allow them to scale easily • How to modernize your existing applications with minimal interruptions

The morning session will focus on best practices, design patterns and common obstacles to avoid, and mapping out your migration/modernization strategy. The afternoon session will be dedicated to hands-on training with our Migration Assistant and the easy to use Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database offerings that have been custom built to host and power .NET applications.