SQL Migration: 7-Day SQL Server migration - replication to Azure VM to minimize downtime

IT Partner LLC

SQL Server migration through transactional replication to configure the Azure VM SQL Server as a subscriber and then disable replication, pointing users to the Azure database.

SQL Server Migration to Azure VM

Minimize downtime with professional SQL Server migration via replication to Azure VM. Designed for seamless migration to Microsoft Azure.

Perfect for Azure beginners and expanding users.

IT Partner Responsibilities

  • Implement SQL Server replication agents.
  • Prepare snapshot files for data transition.
  • Synchronize distribution database jobs.
  • Manage incremental changes.

Client Responsibilities

  • Appoint dedicated point of contact.
  • Configure networking equipment.
  • Provide necessary access.

Upon completion, you'll receive a project closeout report with details on project status, acceptance criteria, issues, and the final budget. Additional documentation available upon request for a fee.

Project Plan

  1. Kickoff meeting to align goals.
  2. Review SQL Server and Windows Server environments.
  3. Initiate deployment activities.
  4. Finalize deployment for a successful migration.
  5. Verify migration and resolve issues.

We're excited to collaborate on this migration, empowering your organization with Microsoft Azure's full potential.

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