Mainframe Modernization to Azure: 8-Week Assessment

Langate Corp

Assessment of mainframe modernization to Azure evaluates the compatibility, security, and performance of the existing mainframe applications.

It also investigates how your mainframe applications can be migrated/modernized to Azure. Assessments help in building a roadmap for the migration of your existing applications and also help you understand if your existing applications can be migrated or not.

Let our team of experts assess your applications to determine if they’re ready for modernization and how long it will take.

Our process:

  • The first step in any mainframe modernization project is assessing the workload and determining whether it can be migrated.
  • Identify the IT system requirements that need to be met to support your goals for migration.
  • Evaluate the current state of your IT infrastructure and determine whether it can meet those requirements.

An assessment will save you from performing a futile migration of mainframe applications to Azure. Take advantage of our assessment service to evaluate the opportunities and pitfalls of migration.