Azure Hybrid Cloud 5-Day Proof of Concept

Meritum Cloud

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Proof of Concept

Azure Cloud offers unparalleled opportunities to business looking to take their IT to the next level. The old myths that cloud is insecure or you that you don't know where you data is being stored no longer hold water. Microsoft's Tier 1 data centres are more secure, resilient, and future proof that anything that can be built by customers or competing data centre providers.

Customers unfamiliar with cloud can easily become overwhelmed by the many cloud adoption strategies that are available. For most customers with existing on-prem IT infrastructure, a hybrid cloud configuration is often the best approach to adopt.

During this Proof of Concept engagement, Meritum Cloud will brief the client on Azure hybrid cloud services and carry out a discovery workshop to identify the business, technical and functional requirements. Based on the output, we will discuss and document the proof of concept objectives, deliverables and success criteria so that the customer understands what the outcome of the PoC will be.

Meritum cloud will build an Azure tenant for the customer and configure the environment with security best practice. Virtual networking will be configured in Azure and connected the customer's on-premises network. An Active Directory domain controller will be built for authentication. Azure Site Recovery will be used to migrate a server to the cloud environment.

A key part of this proof of concept offering is transferring knowledge to customer's IT teams. Meritum Cloud will work with existing IT personnel to upskill them as much as possible once the PoC has been concluded.


  • PoC definition document
  • Azure tenant configuration
  • Virtual network configuration
  • Azure Site Recovery setup
  • Virtual server migration to Azure
  • Knowledge transfer