Azure DevOps - 2 weeks assessment

A complete analysis of your applications to understand which ones are eligible for DevOps methodology.

WHY DEVOPS? With DevOps, programming and development work in a continuous cycle and in synergy on portions of the software and not on the whole application, which makes it possible to:

  • speed up software release times
  • improve code quality
  • guarantee greater stability and security
  • standardise the infrastructure
  • automate distributions
  • test the application in different environments
  • ensure the success of the software

WHAT IS AZURE DEVOPS? It is the complete solution offered by Microsoft for the management of software development projects. It contains an entire ecosystem of services for software development and maintenance, from requirements gathering to release and monitoring of production systems.

MORESI.COM'S GO-TO-MARKET APPROACH Whether on-premise, private or public cloud, the initial analysis of applications is crucial to understand which ones are eligible for DevOps methodology. follows its clients in the transition to Azure DevOps with an end-to-end approach that starts with the preliminary analysis and follows all the phases, up to the management of the service.

  1. Application Analysis
  2. Architectural Design
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Implementation 5- Managed Services


DURATION: 2 weeks

FIXED PRICE: 2,000 CHF (for an evaluation below 5 applications)

DELIVERABLE: At the end of the evaluation, the client will receive a final document with the analysis report. The document will also present a proposal for an executive roadmap, with a detailed estimate of time and costs.

AGENDA: Day 1 -Kick off and preliminary call Day 2-13 Analysis and evaluation Day 14 -Delivery of the final evaluation document with results and roadmap.