Disaster Recovery on Azure - 5 days assessment


A comprehensive assessment for implementing Disaster Recovery on Azure, using Azure Site Recovery to protect your environments, both physical and virtual.

The disaster recovery package developed by Moresi.com allows you to secure your critical workloads in case of an outage and keep your business running no matter the event. The package enables you to protect your virtual or physical workloads, includes a complete configuration of the solution, and a test drill to assess your readiness in case of an outage.


  • Protect all platforms: no matter the environment, virtualized or physical, we’ll protect your servers using Azure Site Recovery. The solution enables a continuous synchronization of the servers’ changes to keep everything aligned without the cost of having another data center active.

  • Fast recovery of your critical workloads: with always available computing and access to your servers in another environment, you will be able to fire up your new workloads in hours, not weeks.

  • Personalizable RPO and RTO: with customizable RPO and RTO, you can choose how often the synchronization will run and the time objective for the creation of the new recovery environment.


01 Assessment of the servers’ readiness: we will assess your workloads’ readiness status and advise on the best solution to replicate the servers.

02 Replication of the workloads: Disaster Recovery on Azure includes the configuration of your environment’s replica to Azure and the Azure Site Recovery platform activation. From the portal, you will be able to keep track of the current replica status.

03 Failover test drill: Disaster Recovery on Azure also includes failover tests for single applications and for your whole infrastructure in a dedicated and isolated network.

DELIVERABLE: At the end of the evaluation, the client will receive a final document with the analysis report. The document will also present a proposal for an executive roadmap, with a detailed estimate of time and costs.

AGENDA: Day 1 -Kick off and preliminary call / Day 2-4 Analysis and evaluation / Day 5 -Delivery of the final evaluation document with results and roadmap.