Hadoop to Azure w/ LiveData : 4 Wk Implementation

Motifworks Inc

Motifworks leverages WANdisco Live Data Migrator to achieve zero downtime and data loss migration.

Hadoop workloads are complex, they are large number of IT resources to support, and cannot keep up with the current business paces. Motifworks AzureSmart accelerators and WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator can help you migrate your big data workload and deliver the ROI on investment.

Common Business Challenges Solved:

Limitations in managing the growing expectations from business functions to deliver value

Business cost & complexity because of hefty licensing fees and vendor lock-in

Large upfront investments required for new projects

Challenges to find critical/specialized talent

Common Technical Challenges Solved:

Maintaining the operations of the IT systems take too much time and is costly

Tedious Hadoop cluster and node management

Data governance and access management challenges with disparate sources of data

Complex and challenging Job management

Slow queries and limits on number/types of queries reduces the impact analysts have on the business

LiveData Migrator:

WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator is a self-service, automated data lake migration with zero business disruption, zero risk and optimized for Azure. Native integration between WANdisco
and Azure

Simplified deployment

Native Azure security & manageability

Billing through Azure

Benefits of WANdisco Live Data Platform

Zero downtime during migration

Zero data loss

100% data consistency

Value Proposition:

By utilizing Motifworks to migrate from Hadoop to Azure Data Services, companies can move beyond infrastructure, create more productive development, optimize cost, increase time to market, innovate freely, and democratize data insights.

Migrations cost will be determined during the 4 week MVP development