Azure AD Connect: 2-Day Implementation

Petabytz Inc

In this 2 day workshop we will teach you how to integrate your on-premises AD DS environment with Azure AD

Azure AD connects, integrate any on-premises Active directory with Azure active directory, this allows companies/customers to provide a collective identity for all users for Office 365, Azure and all your SaaS (Software as a service) applications integrated with organization’s Azure Active directory.

The use case for Azure AD Connect, or why do we use this?

To make integrating On Premises (Prem) directory with Azure AD make your organization user more productive by providing the identity for accessing both on-prem and cloud resources. Users are most important assets in your organization’s IT department.

A couple of following advantage your organization can make off out of Azure AD Connection.

Single tool to provide a smooth deployment experience for synchronization & sign-in. Users can use a single identity to access both on-premises applications and cloud services like Office 365.

Goal of the Workshop:

  1. Compare Azure AD to AD DS, perform Azure AD tenant provisioning, and manage objects and user roles in Azure AD
  2. Implement and configure directory synchronization and manage synchronized directories
  3. Use Azure AD as a directory service for an on-premises environment, configure single sign-on (SSO) in Azure AD, and protect privileged identities.
  4. Implement multi-factor authentication
  5. Implement Azure RMS and integrate Azure RMS with on-premises services
  6. Configure alerts and monitor directory services infrastructure


Module 1: Introducing Azure AD

Module 2: Integrating on-premises Active Directory with Azure

Module 3: Using Azure AD as a directory service in hybrid environments

Module 4: Configuring and protecting authentication in hybrid environments

Module 5: Deploying Azure RMS with on-premises services

Module 6: Monitoring Azure AD