Azure Briefing: 1 day

Rapyder Cloud Solutions Private Limited

Free 1 day workshop to understand how Azure can accelerate your business growth and support business transformation

We conduct a free 1 day workshop with the customer. As part of the workshop, we work with the customer to understand their current landscape, future roadmap and help them define their cloud transformation journey.

What’s included: An overview of Microsoft Azure A comprehensive comparison to Azure alternatives An outline of how Azure can support business transformation Advice on how to kickstart your Azure project

Deliverables A free briefing that will help you answer some of your cloud queries.

How can Azure help my business ? Where should I start ? How to define goals and create plan ? What all are my options on cloud ? How can I scale my Azure usage and am I ready to scale ? How do I make sure that I am optimized and secure ? Are we really getting the optimum value ?