SQL Server Modernization in Azure -2 Months Implem

Seven Seas Computers

Customers will be able to restructure their SQL Server farm in the Azure Cloud using our services, allowing them to refresh their SQL environment while saving money.

As a result of the pandemic, businesses began to digitize their processes, resulting in application sprawl. Most, if not all, of the apps will be mission important, and any downtime would have a negative impact on the organization.

On-premises high availability and disaster recovery will cost a lot of money and demand a lot of management. Organizations will have to worry about securing such virtual machines as well. Maintaining database software up to date will be a time-consuming procedure, but it is unavoidable, as Microsoft invests in technology and publishes updates more frequently.

With additional Database servers, more money is spent on licensing and Software Assurance every two or three years, depending on the licensing arrangement.

We assist organizations in determining the real use of SQL Server features, identifying performance needs, and modernizing them on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our experienced DBA team will examine your setup and recommend appropriate Azure Cloud database offerings such as Database As A Service, Managed Instances, and SQL Server Virtual Machines. We can assist you in determining the appropriate workload for your environment, allowing you to manage costs more effectively.

To modernize your SQL Server Environment on Microsoft Azure, please contact our team.