Cloud Strategy Engagement: 3 Day Assessment

Synergy Technical

If your organization wants to explore what moving IT operations into the cloud entails—we can help with defining scope and assess the speed of change for improved agility.

A consultant certified in multiple cloud solutions will come to you for an interactive session which includes:

  • Defining business initiatives upon reviewing upcoming projects and current cloud environment & cloud capabilities.

  • Provide an assessment of current IT environment and address any known limitations, key pain points, security concerns, and much more.

Organizations large and small recognize that cloud computing offers tremendous benefits with regard to increased efficiency of IT departments and greater integration between IT and business stakeholders. However, with the variety of emerging cloud vendors and dizzying array of acronyms describing business models such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, ITaaS, vDaaS, and OaaS, knowing where to begin can be intimidating —we can help.