Azure Security Services


Managed Azure Security Services are aimed at any organization wishing to strengthen its security.

Securing your information system in the cloud is essential to protect data, ensure regulatory compliance, maintain control and visibility, and protect against ever-evolving cyberattacks. It is important to adopt a comprehensive approach to security by combining technical, organizational and human measures to minimize risks and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data stored in the cloud.

With our "Managed Azure Security Services By Thales" offer, we support our customers on a daily basis in their secure digital transformation by capitalizing on the benefits of the Cloud. It deploys the security services that manage and protect an organization's cloud computing environments.

This offering is designed to help businesses secure their cloud resources, data and applications by providing advanced security features, monitoring, detection and incident response tools, and security consulting services.

Our know-how and the skills of our teams allow us to guarantee our customers tailor-made support combining technological mastery and business expertise.