Azure Data Analytics Platform: 4-Wk Implementation


A pragmatic, source-system agnostic Azure data platform infrastructure to accelerate reporting and analytics (finance & others) within the organization

Walkerscott Ltd will engage the client team (and other stakeholders) over a 4-weeks period to deliver a Data Analytics Platform on Azure and assist in user adoption to drive successful outcomes.

75% reduction in time to deliver a data platform infrastructure:

  • With the proliferation of analytics platforms and tools, organizations looking to modernize their BI workloads are unsure about how to proceed
  • Those who do take initial steps to Azure, run the risk of provisioning expensive resources that are not fit-for-purpose in an ungoverned manner
  • Walkerscott's Azure Data Platform presents a pragmatic approach & architecture to move to Azure
  • It caters to Finance reporting as well as other typical organizational reporting needs
  • It is also extensible to support modern real-time analytics


Weeks 1

  • Initial reporting requirement workshop
  • Share infrastructure design and Azure pricing estimate
  • Sign off on design and pricing

Weeks 2-3

  • Implementation - Data Platform setup using ARM templates and DevOps

Week 4

  • VPN setup and testing
  • Handover and user adoption


Standardized, best-practices Infrastructure

  • Azure setup using ARM templates (infrastructure-as-code)
  • Version controlled using Azure DevOps, allowing deployment in an automated manner
  • Multiple environments – development, test, staging and production

Accelerate BI & analytics projects

  • Infrastructure in place to cater to self-service dashboards as well as paginated report packs
  • Reusable Data Factory ETL templates with built-in logging
  • Simplifies future analytics & business collaboration through tight integration with the Power Platform