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xN Standards Converter

High-quality pre-configured solution for converting professional video files between standards

Dalet xN Standards Converter is as a high-quality solution for converting professional video files between standards (50i, 60i, 24p, 25p, 30p, etc…). It is a pre-configured version of the industry-leading Dalet AmberFin platform, now available on-demand on the Azure Marketplace.

It allows non-technical personnel to easily upload video files and transcode them into their own video standard. Intelligent decision-making within the transcode engine ensures the best quality result from the simplest configuration.

Customers can now easily get quality content from the other side of the world into their own productions.


  • High Quality – Consistently produce high-quality video output.
  • Simplicity – Friendly user interface to prepare, trigger and monitor the conversion process.
  • Pricing Flexibility – On-demand pay-per-use model.


Once you have deployed the Dalet xN Standards Converter on Azure, navigate to http://hostname_or_ipaddress:1944 from the local instance to get started. You can get the DNS name or IP address information by looking in the Azure portal for the newly created virtual machine and navigating to its network information.