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Statistica Data Miner

Dell Software Group
Easy-to-use predictive analytics with built-in data scientist expertise

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Dell Statistica Data Miner provides your business analysts, engineers, scientists, statisticians, data scientists and Ph.D.s with an intuitive predictive analytics software solution that enables them to make the most of your big data. Statistica Data Miner offers one of the most complete and comprehensive set of data management, visualization and analytics packages in the industry. It consistently ranks as one of the easiest to use platforms on the market.

  • Automate the data mining process — Data mining recipes deliver built-in data scientist expertise that empowers novices and experts alike, and a code-free option runs data mining workflows in one click.
  • Integrate and run R scripts
  • Visual Basic, can be used for configuration and customization.
  • Discover patterns with automated neural networks, linear & non- linear models, multivariate exploratory techniques, decision trees, random tree forests, machine learning and many more.
  • Access the data you need – connectors support flat files and relational databases 
  • Deploy models quickly with PMML