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Sisense Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for any Data any Size

Analyze and Visualize Data of Any Size with Sisense


Sisense is a full-stack Business Intelligence software that comes with everything a business needs to analyze and visualize data: a high performance analytical database, the ability to join multiple sources, simple data extraction (ETL), and web-based data visualization.

The Sisense environment is intuitive and built with the end-user in mind, allowing business users to engage in self-service data discovery, while giving analysts the tools they need to analyze large complex datasets quickly. It is the only tool that allows users to answer complex questions without scripting or coding.

Use cases:

Catering to organizations of all sizes, Sisense has already won the hearts of such heavyweights as eBay, Samsung and Wix and currently has customers in 49 countries.

Sisense on Azure:

deploying Sisense on MS Azure allows users to enjoy all the advantages of cloud storage while maintaining full control of data management and integration, and to combine data stored in Azure with a multitude of other cloud and on-premise sources.