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TRITON AP-DATA Email Gateway

Analyzes outbound email from Microsoft Exchange Online to detect and prevent data loss or theft.

TRITON AP-DATA Gateway is an enterprise DLP solution from Forcepoint LLC, which provides the capability to identify and protect critical business data across several channels of communication including web, email and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Email Gateway is a hybrid solution that combines the ability to scan Exchange Online email content from within Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure with the security benefits of DLP policy definition, incident management, and forensic data storage within the corporate data center.

The solution enables enterprises using Exchange Online to maintain regulatory compliance, protect Intellectual Property, and prevent data exfiltration by malicious insiders. Email containing sensitive data can be permitted, quarantined, or encrypted. Sensitive attachments can also be dropped.

Email Gateway requires a valid AP-DATA Gateway license (BYOL) and the installation of TRITON AP-DATA on-premises. For additional protection, use a hosted cloud service such as the TRITON AP-EMAIL Cloud module to route traffic to the internet from Microsoft Azure.