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XMPro iBOS BPM and Case Management Solution

XMPro iBOS BPM, Workflow and Case Management Solution

XMPro was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for BPM with our innovative approach to manage both traditional workflow style processes as well as unstructured process where the workflow is not known in advance.

XMPro customers see 10x improvement in process efficiencies and have shown 10x ROI on a number of solutions for customers. 20% of Fortune 10 customers use XMPro but is is scalable to mid size and even small organizations.

It caters for different levels of process configuration skills, from Citizen Developers with no code and drag and drop, to expert C# developers to build complex business solutions. XMPro Virtual Entities and XMConnect adapter framework make complex integration a simple task.

It is ideally suited to organizations that embrace the Microsoft stack that includes .NET, SharePoint, Office365, Azure etc.

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