AI powered solution that drives accurate sales forecasting and pipeline management.

We are 3RDi and we specialize in developing AI powered tools to assist workforces across the globe. Our prime offering, Prophesee, is a solution automating sales analytics to present executives with 360 contextual insights and logical scenario outcomes to help them make better, more informed, decisions.   

Prophesee is designed to make your sales operations decisions simpler and get you confident about your managed data. It assists by evaluating your overall data landscape to connect millions of finer points within available datasets that would otherwise go unnoticed, and corelate them to enterprise & industry-wide micro trends. Prophesee provides its users with real-time actionable insights to enhance their sales potential. In addition, it directly assists in identification of key issues such as data anomalies, lack of specific data or poor planning. 


  • Actionable sales tracking & AI powered forecasting 
  • True customer 360 with corelated industry-wide trends analysis 
  • Data quality and management practice improvement 
  • Real time decision outcome analysis & contextual operational insights