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Idence is an add-on on top of CIAM tools such as Azure B2C enabling self-service access management

Are you offering access to your platform to the users of your customers or business partners? Then you will know managing this access can be costly, is error-prone, comes with security risks and may even hinder customer experience in case of long processing times. Idence greatly reduces the technical complexity of managing your customer’s users and their access by offering a user-friendly business tool on top of Azure B2C, Auth0 or other identity providers

What you should know about Idence

  • Delegate access management responsibilities to admin users of your B2B partners and customers so that they can take charge of their own users and become self-sufficient.
  • No technical or development knowledge is needed to manage your identities and their access to your platforms.
  • Out-of-the-box features for access management processes makes it efficient, faster, more reliable and ultimately more cost-effective.
  • Enhanced customer experience and transparency are the result.

Give the gift of self-service

Allow your customers and partners to manage their users themselves through a user-friendly UI. Customized Workflows allow onboarding, onboarded users can manage their own identity and digitally request additional access which can be configured with an approval process.

Any organisation, any role

Easily define access for every organization and allow admins to build their own user groups that fits best for their organization. Thereby Idence helps organizations of different sizes and structures to organize access efficiently.

Out of the box traceability

Which user had specific access at a certain point in time? How did they come to obtain that access? These are questions that are not always easy to answer. Idence comes with out-of-the-box features to help you answer these questions. A full audit trail is available for deeper investigation.