Aible Real World AI on Azure

Aible, Inc.

Aible Real World AI on Azure

Aible, Inc.

Aible creates AI that delivers measurable business impact in a way that’s simple, fast and secure.

Aible's AI platform delivers measurable business impact in a way that's fast, simple, and secure.

Aible's AutoML platform delivers measurable business impact in a way that's simple, fast and secure. Aible makes it easy to collaborate on AI projects with specialized tools tailored to the skills and needs of every member of the AI team  - from Chief Data Officers and data scientists to analysts and business end users. Models can be created in minutes versus months, resulting in faster data-driven business decisions. 

With Aible, business users can interact with approved models, see how they affect the business, and give feedback to adjust the models. Business users simply answer a few questions about their unique cost-benefit tradeoffs and resource constraints to create predictive models that deliver sustained business value. 

Aible provides a complete 10 step AutoML process that supports all phases of a complete AI lifecycle that:

  • Analyzes data and gathers requirements

  • Builds AI models, including hyperparameter tuning

  • Balances business cost-benefits and capacity constraints

  • Manages AI model deployment and monitors the results

Unique among AI platforms, Aible delivers a portfolio of dynamically-balanced AI models rather than a single model, ensuring the right model is always used as business conditions change.

Aible provides blueprints that guide users to find the right data, understand relative cost-benefits, and evaluate their AI models for maximum ROI. Using these blueprints specifically built for a wide range of use cases, business users can train AI models to best support their current business operations across geographies or lines of business and react quickly to changing business conditions.

Aible is currently being used across industries for a wide variety of use cases, including marketing promotion, pricing optimization, lead scoring, customer churn, hiring and retention, claims management, credit lending and scoring, inventory stockout, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and more.

Aible lets you get started quickly with the data you have, fully automates the machine learning process and empowers team members from across the business to leverage their specialized skills and insights. 

Drive AI adoption across your enterprise, try Aible today.