Codeigniter on Ubuntu 18.04

Apps4Rent LLC

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Codeigniter on Ubuntu 18.04

Apps4Rent LLC

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Compact PHP framework for rapidly developing full-featured web-applications.

CodeIgniter is a framework that provides developers with tools and libraries for developing and deploying complex web-applications at a rapid pace. The features built into it work with a significant degree of independence.

Users can make use of the libraries to start building applications. It has a short learning curve for users familiar with PHP and has robust documentation.

Key features available in CodeIgniter on Ubuntu:

· Powerful yet compact

· Optimized for speed and efficiency.

· Loosely coupled components with reduced interdependence.

· Industry-standard MVC architecture.

· Well documented.

URL: http://server-public-ip/

MySQL: Login details are saved in 'Credentials.txt' file in "/var or /var/www".

Disclaimer: Apps4Rent does not offer commercial licenses of any of the products mentioned above. The products come with open source licenses. It is highly recommended to change default passwords before implementing in production.

Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTPS: 443
  • HTTP: 80