SFTP - OpenSSH FTP Server on Ubuntu 24.04 Minimal

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SFTP - OpenSSH FTP Server on Ubuntu 24.04 Minimal

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OpenSSH FTP Server on Ubuntu 24.04 Minimal

If you want to save your files and information untouchable while transferring, you need to think about security much more. Basic FTP (File Transfer Protocol) doesn’t provide you with all the required aspects of security. In this way, it’s essential to improve these aspects using some other tools, among which particularly useful is OpenSSH FTP.

OpenSSH FTP Server is not the standard FTP protocol running over SSH. Although the software has similar capabilities and even similar commands to standard FTP, these similarities are purely superficial. The protocol is completely different and incompatible with FTP and its secure extension

OpenSSH FTP encrypts each file during data transfer. With the tool, when clients receive files, they must authenticate before they can decrypt and access the data. During each file transfer, OpenSSH FTP performs a data integrity and authenticity check, that makes you sure about its integrity.

Use our OpenSSH FTP Server on Ubuntu 24.04 Minimal and enhance your data transfer system.

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