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Atos || Azure for Native Security

Atos International SAS

Increased visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources.

Atos Azure for Native Security helps businesses protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data in the cloud. Specific business requirements can be met for information protection and compliance. Azure for Native Security provides foundational and advanced security for Azure subscriptions by using native Microsoft Azure Cloud security services. The offerings are design in a modular way for taking advantage of the different Azure license models (either add-ons or bundled).

It uses a range of Azure native security services and features to manage security of assets and data combined with leading managed security service from Atos.

What security value does Azure Native Security bring?

  • Control who can do what with Identity and Access Management.
  • Block malware and other unwanted applications.
  • Detect and protect workloads from malicious or unauthorized traffic.
  • Continuously audit and assess the overall compliance of you cloud assets.
  • Protect Azure accounts and workloads 24x7 by automating the monitoring for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior.
  • Respond effectively to security incidents and support forensic analysis.

Service Elements include:

  • Visibility: A comprehensive lens into all network traffic, compute and actionable data throughout the workload lifecycle.
  • Security: Atos Azure Native Security extends beyond the protection of a single outer layer by applying a defense-in-depth approach with other security controls and to all layers in the cloud.
  • Compliance: The service simplifies compliance mandates for any Azure cloud environment, including highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare.


  • Deploy your workloads in the cloud with trust by securing them holistically and mitigating key risks through integrated native security controls.
  • Detect and automatically remediate non-compliance occurrences.
  • Protect your data in production by an in-depth defense approach.
  • Get visibility of what you have to protect in the Cloud and how to do it.
  • Benefit from a global network of 15 SOCs, operating 24/7 with highly skilled cloud security teams.


Atos Azure Native Security offering leverages Azure native capabilities, including:
  • Atos foundation offering.
  • Atos Advanced offering built upon the foundation package, introducing additional features, ideal for large-scale enterprise environments deployments.
  • Optional modules that extend the core features by providing enhanced security features and integration with Atos and 3rd party services.