Beyond Identity Secure Workforce

Beyond Identity Inc.

Beyond Identity Secure Workforce

Beyond Identity Inc.

Binding Identity and Device to Create the Most Secure and Frictionless Authentication Experience


Beyond Identity provides the most secure multi-factor authentication in the world. Breaking down the barriers between cybersecurity, identity, and device management, Beyond Identity fundamentally changes the way the world logs in by eliminating passwords and cryptographically binding identities and devices.

Customers turn to Beyond Identity to secure work environments, where tightly controlling which users and which devices are accessing critical cloud resources has become essential. The advanced platform collects dozens of user and device risk signals during each login - enabling customers to enforce continuous, risk-based access control. The innovative architecture replaces passwords with the proven asymmetric cryptography that underpins TLS and protects trillions of dollars of transactions daily. Customers turn to Beyond Identity to stop cyberattacks, protect their most critical data, and meet compliance requirements.

Beyond Identity's Passwordless MFA for your Azure AD environment allows you to:

Eliminate credential-based attacks and lateral movement by replacing passwords with the proven technology of X.509 certificates and TLS encryption, which extends the chain of trust to include the individual and the device- all without any certificate manager required!

By Integrating with Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune, Beyond Identity allows you to:

  • Identify the presence and current state of Intune on devices at the point of login, denying authentication to those devices that do not pass policy check.
  • Cryptographically bind identity to device, and thereby enable a foundational building block of Zero Trust architecture.
  • Enforce adherence to security and compliance policies on all requesting devices with continuous risk assessments based on fine-grained user and device risk signals captured at the time of login from any device requesting access, whether Intune managed or unmanaged.
  • Implement BYOD programs safely and at scale. Empower users with easy, self-serve device enrollment and management and enable productivity for the right people on trusted devices, while ensuring that all devices accessing company data are safe.

Additional Benefits

User Experience: No passwords for users to create, remember, or change. And no second device.

Reduced Help Desk Costs: User self-service registration, migration, and recovery

Immutable Record: Identity and device posture data for every transaction