DNS Guard


DNS Guard


Comprehensive DNS Poisoning detection and prevention solution for ALL your DNS assets

DNS Guard is a comprehensive DNS poisoning detection and prevention solution. 
Developed based on 15 years of academic research, DNS Guard is the only solution on the market that provides comprehensive DNS poisoning monitoring & protection.

Without any installation from the client's end, the platform usage of our client DNS assets by their clients and partners to detect suspicious resolving that no other solution can identify.

Unlike other products, the solution monitors the entire DNS resolving of the customer worldwide and not only the internal usage.

In case of a suspicious event, the platform issue automatic alerts with full event information via push/pull interface, including automatically generated reports.

DNS Gaurd provides advanced, user-friendly, UX capabilities for quick identification of the root cause of the current and past attacks and suggested mitigation strategies.

In addition, BGProtect offers a Managed service (detection, resolving support) as an option.

DNS poisoning attacks that expose the clients/partners of the customer to impersonation attacks and Trojan insertion and hijack of all his incoming e-mail communication.

The platform addresses cross-industry enterprise and corporate customers that man-in-the-middle cyber attacks might cause them a significant monetary and reputation impact. 

The main point of contact is the CISO and Threat Intelligence executive while the COO and CFO can be significant influencers.