CloudFrame Renovate for Azure

Cloudframe, Inc.

CloudFrame Renovate for Azure

Cloudframe, Inc.

An Automated Tool to Transform COBOL Applications to Azure Deployed Java

Organizations that want to leverage their COBOL-based mission-critical logic and processes in their digital transformation initiatives need modernization tools. CloudFrame Renovate For Azure is a fast (configure and transform in 30 minutes) modernization tool that allows Azure-based organizations to analyze their COBOL environments, collect mainframe assets, and transform COBOL to Java. The transformation is not only fast but also precise and reduces modernization risks like long project durations, cost overruns, and overly complex, mainframe-oriented Java applications

Java applications transformed by CloudFrame Renovate For Azure are ready to be maintained and managed by your existing developers utilizing traditional DevOps processes and tools. The code produced from Renovate For Azure is rated high quality (SonarQube A Rated) and, more importantly, is readable, understandable, and maintainable.

Transform COBOL Applications into Maintainable Java

CloudFrame Renovate transforms COBOL to Java which can be maintained by resources unfamiliar with the mainframe or COBOL

Increase Project Success Rates by Reducing Complexity and Risk

CloudFrame’s automated code conversion and test case generation simplify projects and reduce risk.

COBOL Logic and Processes for Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Leverage mainframe COBOL applications logic and processes in your digital transformation strategy without increasing technical debt, conducting greenfield rewrites, or replication/ETL processes.

A Fast and Low-Risk Solution to Modernize Your Mainframe COBOL Applications

CloudFrame Renovate For Azure Overview

CloudFrame’s transformation technology delivers highly maintainable, modern, object-oriented Java that contemporary Java developers can easily maintain. The generated code is pure Java that can run on any available JVM. CloudFrame features industry-unique backward compatibility allowing converted Java applications to run precisely like their COBOL predecessor without changing data. 100% functionality and data equivalency, along with the automated JUnit test case, simplifies testing and helps our customers quickly achieve project delivery milestones without adding to project or business risk.

CloudFrame Renovate For Azure Key Features and Capabilities

  • Install, Configure, and Execute Transformation in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Automated COBOL to Java transformation and the ability to visualize the conversion log and file comparison reports.
  • Collect and organize mainframe assets to support transformation.
  • Access, download, and smoke test the transformed Java application assets.
  • Automated Junit test case generation.
  • The ability for customers to integrate the Java code into their CI/CD Environments.

CloudFrame Renovate For Azure Subscription Includes

  • Code transformation from COBOL to Java.
  • Full Java code access.
  • Support for Data Migrate from DB2 to SQL Server with Azure Migrate.