Migrate from AWS to Azure with Cloudticity Oxygen

Cloudticity LLC

Migrate from AWS to Azure with Cloudticity Oxygen

Cloudticity LLC

Make your Azure Migration pay off with Cloudticity

Whether migrating from another public cloud provider or from an on-premise datacenter, migrating with Cloudticity to Microsoft Azure is the first step to modernizing your healthcare organization by creating a foundation for rapid innovation and operational resilience. Cloudticity’s sole focus is working with healthcare organizations who are seeking to maximize their return on investment in the cloud. As healthcare and cloud experts, the team at Cloudticity accelerates your maturity and lowers your risk of using the cloud as a strategic advantage.

Cloudticity brings together a team with deep cloud and healthcare expertise combined with the power of Cloudticity Oxygen™ to increase repeatability and consistency in your cloud strategy.  Cloudticity customers achieve streamlined migrations while establishing operational excellence, security, and HIPAA/HITRUST compliance from the inception of their cloud journey, relying on Cloudticity to support them.

Navigating the Migration Phases with Cloudticity

Through our customer-centric approach and extensive discovery, the Cloudticity Oxygen Migration Program is designed to easily and effectively transition client’s workloads while maintaining uptime. We help align stakeholders and create a customized plan in order to build the right cloud for your organization, without impacting your current business operations. The migration process has three phases of activity: 

  1. Assess and build the business case

  2. Migration Readiness

  3. Migrate and optimize

About Cloudticity Oxygen™

Cloudticity Oxygen is a next-gen managed cloud solution for healthcare on Microsoft Azure, delivering maximum agility, security, compliance, reliability, and cost savings via AIOps and advanced automation. By offloading IT operations, security, and compliance to our innovative platform, IT leaders can free up internal resources and focus on innovation. Oxygen gives you the freedom to deploy, retire, and configure cloud services that inherit your baseline security controls at your convenience. Get full control over your production environment, with complete security and compliance oversight. It’s flexibility and security, all in one place.

With Cloudticity, managed services become a strategic resource that contributes to the organization’s success. Our clients are more agile, able to respond to changing circumstances faster than competitors. They are confident that their applications and data are secure and available, and have the performance and cost management capabilities to drive their success.