IoT Core Services - Digital Service Platform

conplement AG

IoT Core Services - Digital Service Platform

conplement AG

IoT Platform for the digital services of your smart connected products. Build on Azure IoT.

This application is available in german.

IoT Core Services (ICS) by conplement AG

provide an easy, fast and secure end-to-end solution for device/machine connections in the Internet of Things and digital value-added Services.

Reliably connect smart products and digital services worldwide.

Connecting to the Internet of Things enables device manufacturers to transform themselves into providers of smart products and digital services. This progressive way of thinking enables manufacturers with national and worldwide distribution networks to design business models and opportunities that are future-proof and to create long-term competitive advantages.

A fast, reliable and customizable platform.

In order to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization, manufacturers of smart connected products need a globally available platform specifically tailored to their devices. Based on these requirements and the unique challenges in this market segment, we have developed an innovative digital infrastructure - based on Microsoft Azure IoT Services. This enables manufacturers to reliably provide their own digital services globally and integrate them into existing platforms and ecosystems.

Faster, safer, cheaper – with the right partner at your side.

The advantages of our IoT Core Services at a glance: Short time-to-market phase: Start your IoT solutions quickly and with no wasted resources. We usually integrate your first devices into our platform in just a few hours. Comprehensive Support: We are happy to take over the day-to-day operation of the IoT infrastructure for you. This means you can concentrate on creating added value for your customers. Low costs: You avoid high initial costs for development and operation. Thanks to our ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model, your costs grow only when your digital services become successful. Security and data protection: Your customer and device data belongs to you at all times and remains under your control. Naturally, our services and the core services of our cloud provider are EU-GDPR compliant. Global infrastructure: With ICS, you can manage an operational, globally distributed infrastructure of IoT endpoints. Our ICS is wherever your devices are in use.