LAMP packaged by Data Science Dojo

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LAMP packaged by Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo

Web development stack comprising of a Linux machine with Apache, MySQL and PHP

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About the offer:

LAMP is an open-source web stack packaged with Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP object-oriented programming language, running together on top of a Linux machine. The LAMP stack is used for building high-performance web applications. All layers of LAMP are optimally compatible with each other, thus the components of LAMP are excellent if you want to host, serve, and manage web content.

Who benefits from this offer:

Following can benefit from LAMP:

  • Students, allowing them to use the open-end services provided by LAMP
  • Team of web developers
  • Organizations focused on web-based products can adopt LAMP architecture

What is included in this offer:

General services of LAMP include:

  • A Linux ubuntu VM pre-installed with all LAMP components
  • Database management system of MySQL for creating databases and handling web content
  • Apache web server whose job is to process requests and send data via HTTP over the internet
  • Support for PHP programming language which is used for fully functional web development
  • PhpMyAdmin which can be accessed at http://your_ip/phpmyadmin
  • Customizable, meaning users can replace each component with any other alternative open-end software
Technical Specifications:

LAMP throughput improves with more CPU cores, more RAM, and faster disks

  • Minimum memory: 8GB RAM
  • Minimum vCPU: 2 vCPUs
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04

LAMP is a mature stack and has huge support because of the vast LAMP community.