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Automates your daily routine and repetitive tasks with the power of AI and hybrid Automation

This VM contains RPA & Employee Assist suite. RPA can be used to automate various web and application automation that will help accelerate your organization's efficiency. We use a low-code drag-and-drop-based programming language to develop automation. To use this tool, you will need to have a basic understanding of variables and loops in a programming language. Refer to for more information on how to develop in RPA studio Follow the below steps to start using Techforce.AI RPA Studio 1) Create the VM from the marketplace offering. 2) RDP into the created windows server and launch the RPA Studio IDE from the desktop icon 3) Once the studio is running open, click on the open project button and select the test folder that is already installed in your system 4) Once the test project is loaded click on the play button in the studio to run the test automation 5) This test automation will open chrome browser and open the website in the browser 6) Once the test is successful you can start programming your own automation.