Ecomanagement Technology


Ecomanagement Technology

IoT cloud or on-premise software solution to monitoring and remotely control and manage IoT systems.

This application is available in [EN (english),ES(spanish)].

OTEA SaaS. Remotely control and manage all your facilities and offices/factories.

Designed with a focus on energy savings first and then to improve production or general consumption for companies with multiples locations or for big size factories. Apart from the energy perspective, OTEA helps to centralize operation and maintenance, giving its user the option to control remotely any connected machine

OTEA is a complete IoT (from hardware to frontend software) solution that helps to control remotely facilities, stores, factories, production lines with 3 objectives:

  1. Reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency,
  2. Centralize maintenance and checks for anomaly detection and
  3. Data analysis to reduce bottlenecks and increase production or sales.

The typical user for OTEA are:

  • Maintenance manager,
  • Efficiency&Sustainability manager
  • Finance directors
  • Plant directors

What can you do with OTEA?

  1. Measure -> OTEA stores all the data coming from sensors and machines connected, giving you the ability to compare and generate graphics between any variable, any time stored in the platform.
  2. Detect - > OTEA will send you to complete reports of alarms and strange behavior of your machines and/or systems connected.
  3. Control -> You can switch on-off, set up alarms, set up threshold on any variable or machine connected, giving you the ability to correct any anomaly or wrong behavior detected.

Typical things to measure and control that will give you quickly cost reduction:

  • Temperature
  • Water supply, gas or liquid
  • Light, heating and air conditioning
  • Production parameters in production lines.
OTEA has the power to control and reduce energy consumption on your company and through to data analysis, offers you improvement options and actions that will go directly to decrease your production costs and therefore improve your EBITDA.