Anesthesia Coding-as-a-Service

Hank AI, Inc.

Anesthesia Coding-as-a-Service

Hank AI, Inc.

Automated ICD10-CM and CPT coding for surgical and anesthesia procedures

Timely, accurate, compliant, and cost effective medical coding and charge capture is essential for your healthcare entity to maximize its bottom line. Let Hank Help.

This offering is for anesthesia medical coding. We offer 2 plans depending upon your needs:

(1) Full service anesthesia medical coding (performed by our human coding experts, augmented by the Coding Brain when possible)
(2) Automated predictive coding with proactive compliance auditing

Plan 1. Full Service Anesthesia Medical Coding
  • All data formats supported (including remote EMR access and remote billing data entry)
  • Limited automation capabilities. Primarily manual human process due to technical limitations

Plan 2. Automated Predictive Coding with Proactive Compliance Auditing
  • Requires machine readable data and connection to your billing software
  • Typical communication via web-APIs
  • See below

The following applies to Plan 2 - Automated Predictive Coding with Proactive Compliance Auditing

What we return to you within 24 hours:
  • Fully coded claims via csv, hl7, or medsuites import format (anesthesia and surgery currently supported)
    • ICD10-CM
    • CPT
    • Modifiers
    • Line items
    • Patient demographics and insurance
    • Responsible providers and times
    • + more
  • Actionable insights from these records (drug costs, equipment utilization, and surgical times compared to regional and national benchmarks)
  • Discrete data elements from the record (event times, provider times, drug utilization, procedure information, etc.)
  • Any compliance issues identified

The medical records needed to receive the full suite of automation are the following:
  • Daily Operating Room Schedule (to reconcile surgical cases)
  • For each surgical case:
    • Anesthesia Preoperative, Intraoperative, and Postoperative Record
    • Anesthesia Procedure Notes (optional)
    • Surgeon's Operative Report
    • Patient Demographics + Insurance

Why do we wait 24 hours to return the results of an automated solution? 
Anesthesia concurrency verification. This is how we validate the claims generated meet the anesthesia concurrency rules applicable to your organization. If you only request surgical coding of the records without the anesthesia specific features the results will be returned nearly instantaneously.