MICA - A Small Ticket Insurance Core Platform

iNube Software Solutions Private Limited

MICA - A Small Ticket Insurance Core Platform

iNube Software Solutions Private Limited

An End-to-End Technology Platform to Automate the Management of Small Ticket Insurance Products

MICA is a state-of-the-art technology platform specifically designed for Small Ticket Insurance Products. These affordable new age insurance products focus on daily specific needs of end-customers and provide covers of significant value, thus protecting them against all odds.

MICA can support insurance companies to innovate small-ticket or bite-sized insurance products, launch them with faster go-to-market and explore distribution through unconventional channels/partners. The MICA platform supports the complete lifecycle of the product including product configuration, premium rating, policy issuance, claims, accounting and reinsurance.  

Innovate and Launch Small Ticket Insurance Products with Faster Go-to-Market in 6 Easy Steps

1. On-board your Partner

2. Define benefits, covers, premiums

3. Define risk and claim parameters

4. Setup payment mechanism

5. Generate partner APIs

6. Deliver to Customer

Salient Features

  • Non-Technical Product Setup with Plug & Play Operations
  • Experiment with Confidence in a Sandbox Environment
  • Compatible with Existing Partner Front-End Interface through APIs for Policy and Claim Transactions
  • Cloud Compatible with SaaS Model

Value Proposition

  • Foster Innovation & Growth

Flexibility to offer new age insurance products provides new avenues of growth for insurance companies

  • Develop New Channels of Distribution

Easily on-board new partners and reach your desired target audience

  • Leverage Faster Go-to-Market

Simple and quick product configuration and partner on-boarding through plug and play technologies

  • Gain Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your product offering from the competition and deliver unprecedented value for your customers with affordable insurance products