RecoAI: AI Powered & Real-Time Based Recommendation System


RecoAI: AI Powered & Real-Time Based Recommendation System


AI-based recommender that provides your online customers with best-fit product recommendations

RecoAI is a recommendation system powered by AI – it connects customers on your website with the products they want by analyzing their real-time behavior.

Why is it so unique?

It’s fast.

We are much faster than other recommendation systems – our engine processes 4 times more information about customers’ real-time online activity, in a comparable time than other solutions on the market.

It’s accurate.

It’s real-time – which means it is never outdated. Our system constantly monitors the ongoing customer activity on the site and creates tailor-made recommendations delivered in just the rightmoment of the customer journey.

It's fair.

RecoAI was designed with your customer’s privacy in mind – we do not store vast quantities of past data and rely on real-time customer behavior on your site instead.

More trust means more confidence in your products and services.

Also, it can be applied to all kinds of business.

RecoAI doesn’t choose its beneficients - it provides solutions that can be applied to all business areas and industries. RecoAI’s offer includes standardized and tailor made solutions dedicated to i.a.:

  • E-commerce

  • Press and online media

  • Travel and leisure

  • Recruitment

  • Streaming platforms

  • Online gaming

  • Real estate

  • HealthCare

  • Music & Sound industry

  • …and way more!

For more detailed information, check out RecoAI’s website and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any moment!