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LTI Canvas Provisioning

LTI (L&T Infotech)

Infrastructure Provisioning Project Onboarding

LTI Canvas Provisioning enables software development with Agile way of working tailored to suit the remote working needs. This platform addresses the needs of an agile pod team - right from a VDI provisioning to using collaboration and engineering tools for software craftsmanship during execution. LTI Canvas Provisioning is powered by Microsoft’s Tool Stack to enable codified way of working, quick infra setup and Technology-driven efficiencies. Personas assisted by LTI Canvas Provisioning are:

1) Product Owner / Project Manager
2) Scrum Master
3) POD Lead / Architect
4) Full Stack Developer
5) Quality Engineer

Traditionally enabling a Development Pod / team with required access to tools & technologies takes 2-4 weeks. There is lot of dependency on IT System & Tools administrator to setup required infrastructure & access for starting any software development project. In today’s scenario Enterprises need an efficient way of enabling a remote pod / development team member to plan, develop, build, test & deploy remotely on Multi & Hybrid cloud infrastructure and leverage a collaborative platform intelligently. LTI Canvas Provisioning enables Development Pod Lead/ Architect to setup required infrastructure for the entire team in an automated way. 

Key Features:

  • Automated provisioning of VDI, SCM, Story Planning & CICD tools through central workbench
  • Streamlining access & cost management of curated Cloud services for efficient usage of cloud services & subscriptions
  • Integrated & automated Collaboration of tools & process on collaboration platform powered by MS Teams.


  • Project Onboarding –
    - LTI Canvas Provisioning reduces onboarding duration for POD of 10 members from 4 Weeks to 4 Hours with built-in security.
  • Time to Market –

     - 25x Faster Lead Time to Market

     - Faster DevSecOps Enablement and integration with COTS, Client IPs and tools

  • Cost –

     - ~10-15% cost savings though improved efficiency