ManageEngine Sharepoint Manager Plus


ManageEngine Sharepoint Manager Plus


SharePoint Manager Plus, The Complete Reporting, Management and Auditing Solution for SharePoint

SharePoint Manager Plus - The Complete Management and Auditing Solution for SharePoint.  

ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus is a comprehensive tool for managing both SharePoint on-premises and Online environments. With SharePoint Manager Plus, you can monitor, analyze, and audit your SharePoint deployments from a single console. You can also keep tabs on granular events within your SharePoint environment such as logons and file permission changes with an exhaustive list of predefined reports, data visualizations, and alerts. With these in your arsenal, the events that require your attention will never go unobserved.

SharePoint Auditing

Auditing events, such as file accesses and creation of sites and site collections, in your SharePoint environment is vital to avoid data breaches. This requires analyzing large volumes of SharePoint audit logs which could prove daunting. SharePoint Manager Plus helps you overcome these limitations by generating audit reports for all your SharePoint deployments from a single console. 

SharePoint Reporting

SharePoint Manager Plus gives deep insights into your environment at a glance with easy-to-infer data visualizations and reports. These reports are organized in sections so that you can quickly find what is required. The categories include statistics, security, activity, and usage analytics reports. These reports can be scheduled to be sent to your inbox. 

SharePoint Management

Ensuring that the right users get access to the right resources is crucial to the everyday operations of a business. However, this involves granting multiple permissions at different levels across multiple environments. SharePoint Manager Plus makes this simple with a central console to manage permissions and groups across different sites. 

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Manger Plus has a built-in migration tool that helps you seamlessly migrate data between different SharePoint environments. Data can be migrated from an on-premises deployment to SharePoint Online or vice versa. You can also choose to run the migration at a convenient time causing least disruption to everyday operations.