FHIRBlocks by Equideum Health

BBM Health LLC (dba FHIRBlocks Service Company)

FHIRBlocks by Equideum Health

BBM Health LLC (dba FHIRBlocks Service Company)

FHIRBlocks provides fine-grained consent management for patient sharing of health data.

Emerging decentralized identity provides a better path forward to give healthcare consumers what they want, and developers what they need to rapidly innovate applications – while reducing risks, costs and technology burdens for providers, payers and life-science organizations.

Built on Azure, FHIRBlocks is an innovative solution that leverages FHIR, Decentralized Identity, Blockchain, Cryptography, and Fine-Grained Consent Management. FHIRBlocks dramatically reduces current friction around consent and data sharing, freeing EHI data-custodians from the risks and burdens of managing EHI on behalf of patients, while accelerating 3rd party data access to put the patient back in control – all with portable and persistent trust.

Advantages for Developers

  • Available Consent APIs

  • Speed development

  • Better customer UX

  • Open up new markets

  • Lower EHI handling risk

Advantages for EHR Data Custodians (Providers, Payers, Researchers, Life Sciences,...)

  • Empowers interoperability

  • Lowers burden of ONC compliance

  • More secure

  • Superior user experience

  • Immutable provenance and audit

  • Lower cost and complexity

Advantages for Health Consumers

  • Ease of use

  • Control & visibility over EHI access and sharing preferences

  • Prevent EHI oversharing

  • Mobile UX

  • Patient directed interoperability

  • Increased security

  • Respect for privacy

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