Ariel™ EAS


Ariel™ EAS


Ariel™ EAS is your complete pension and benefits solution

Ariel™ EAS helps your teams work smarter and faster.


Ariel™ EAS supports more than 3,500,000 members with multiple employer plans, with a wide range of complexity.

  • 30 years delivering leading edge pension and benefits administration software
  • Referenced history of providing high quality software and responsive support services
  • Robust reporting and operational analytics for TFFR staff


Ariel™ EAS provides clients with cost-effective system delivered through highly automated, customer-focused business processes surfaced through Member, Employer/Partner, and Administrator Portals.

  • Streamlined operations enhancing the efficiency and delivery of member service
  • A single unified system that uses suitable and scalable modern technology
  • One-stop customer experience for all pension and benefits program



Ariel™ EAS is designed to efficiently implement and execute your plan provisions and  processes that continues to evolve to support to the future.

  • A rule-based engine supported by flexible parameter-based configuration
  • Automated and ready-to-use pension process workflows
  • Continuous configuration enhancements to support plan and process changes