Cymetrics SaaS platform - Cyber Assessment


Cymetrics SaaS platform - Cyber Assessment


Enhance your cybersecurity resilience with Cymetrics 360° cybersecurity assessment & Copilot

Are you struggling with limited budget and understaffed teams when it comes to cybersecurity and risk management? Look no further than Cymetrics, as we offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution to address your needs.

Cymetrics is a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment SaaS platform, powered by Microsoft Azure Zero Trust Security, to help our clients enhance the visibility of their cyber exposures and manage cyber risks. We target at E-commerce, FinTech, BioTech, IoT, Crypto exchanges, Education industries and more.

Cymetrics's one-click assessment and on-demand consultancy helps our clients to manage cybersecurity in a modern and streamlined way. Cymetrics 360 Assessment integrates three comprehensive in-depth assessments:

  • Exposure Assessment as a Service (EAS) - Our analysis of cyber intelligence and your company's digital footprints will give you a broad overview of the risks within the organization and from your supply chain. A best practice is to conduct EAS once a week.
  • Vulnerability Assessment as a Service (VAS) - Detect vulnerabilities before hackers do. Based on the most up-to-date cyber intelligence, we help clients fulfill compliance to OWASP TOP 10, CWE and CVE, and manage cybersecurity exposure for them. A best practice is to conduct VAS once a month.
  • Penetration Test as a Service (PTS) - Put your security to the test with simulated hacking by a team of experienced cybersecurity experts. We uncover system logic flaws and zero-day vulnerabilities, suggest exploitable kill-chains, and examine the effectiveness of in-depth defenses. A best practice is to conduct PTS once a quarter or every six months.

Also, by integrating Azure OpenAI service, we have launched the latest Cymetrics Copilot, an AI-powered cybersecurity assistant to reduce your cybersecurity issue resolution time by up to 50%!

What you can expect:

  • Achieve greater efficiency by freeing up your IT resources from solution searching.
  • Provide customized suggestions based on your historical reports and settings.
  • Streamline the resolution process with live chatbot interactions and discussions.

What our customers say

"We have been looking for a cybersecurity solution provider that can deliver effective solutions for a while. Cymetrics’ Exposure Assessment Service (EAS) not only demonstrates hackers’ point of view on the weakness of our website but also provides logical, clearly, and workable suggestions."- A leading real estate data analysis company

"We selected Cymetrics for its adaptable SaaS model, which seamlessly integrates with our system, providing a fast, user-friendly experience that aligns with our focus on user satisfaction."- A cloud-based HR management platform company

Try Cymetrics EAS now

We provide our EAS for Basic Plan ($99/1 EAS report) and ($299/4 EAS reports). If you would like to have a free trial report, reach out to us at

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