Future – Oriented Audits: Agile, Centralized, Automated and AI driven

Internal audits are indispensable in helping your company to minimize risk and avoid potential legal complications. As auditing relies heavily on data analysis, ever-growing volumes of unstructured and fast-changing data are making an already complex task even more difficult. ONE DATA Audit is a scalable data product designed to help companies tackle the rising challenges of big data with the latest technology: It maximizes insight and minimizes manual effort.

ONE DATA Audit continuously analyzes the latest data from your ERP - system to detect anomalies, such as double payments. The system is automated and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), considerably reducing manual effort, and saving you time and effort. In addition, the entire process—from planning to follow-up—is consistent, harmonized and more transparent, because all auditors have access to the same single solution.

ONE DATA Audit works with structured and unstructured data and is compatible with SAP ERP systems. The three program modules ‘Corporate Audit’, ‘Outlier Detection’, and ‘Anomaly Tracking’ work seamlessly together: The first two identify potential errors and store them in a ‘work stack’. The results can then be tracked in the tracking module.

Corporate Auditing – analyze and break down

As a first step, Corporate Auditing automatically identifies different types of suspicious events in your purchase to-pay and order to cash processes. It covers over 30 reports. You can see the aggregates dashboard and detailed drill-down tables at document line level to conduct an interactive analysis.

Outlier Detection – continuously expand the scope of application

With Outlier Detection you can find unknown errors. Machine learning algorithms use AI to go beyond rule-based anomaly detection and identify suspicious elements in invoices, purchase orders, or supplier data.

Anomaly Tracking – track deviation in real time

Forward identified risks directly to the tracking application for centralized investigation and follow-up. Comments and labels are available for all collaborators / auditors