EJBCA Enterprise Cloud - Certificate Authority (CA) & PKI

Keyfactor, Inc.

EJBCA Enterprise Cloud - Certificate Authority (CA) & PKI

Keyfactor, Inc.

EJBCA PKI for Enterprises: a powerful and flexible certificate issuance and management system.

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How can you secure the communication and data in your connected applications, with reputation and without impacting revenue and customer trust?

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and digital certificates are already the de-facto standard on the Internet for secure communication and digital signatures. PKI is now also being specified for the Internet of Things. With EJBCA Enterprise by Keyfactor (formerly PrimeKey), you get a comprehensive PKI solution for your users, software and things.

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Key Benefits:

  • Digital certificates for your every need. EJBCA includes everything needed to issue and manage certificates with Certificate Authorities (CA), Registration Authorities (RA) and Validation Authorities (VA).
  • Start small and grow with your business needs. Within a single installation, you get the flexibility you need to host a wide variety of use cases including migrating legacy CAs.
  • Enable automation within your application ecosystems. Proven integrations based on RFCs and open APIs, get you seamless, certificate lifecycle management in the Microsoft, cloud, IoT platforms.
  • Scalability as your use cases and business grows. Best practice configurations with proven reliability and scalability that your PKI to scale up and out.
  • Security and trust. EJBCA has the level of security required for a serious PKI, including extensive HSM (Hardware Security Module) support and Common Criteria certification. EJBCA has been installed at numerous ETSI/eIDAS-, WebTrust audited and ePassport reference customers.

More Highlights:
  • Multiple CAs and levels of CAs, build a complete PKI (or several) within one instance of EJBCA.
  • Native support for Azure Key Vault for CA private key storage.
  • Unlimited number of Root CAs and SubCAs.
  • Support all common PKI Architectures, as well as many uncommon.
  • EJBCA supports SCEP, CMP, EST, ACME, OCSP, REST APIs and others.
  • Multiple instances of EJBCA can be used for a distributed deployment. Horizontally at the CA layer, or for external RA and VA support.

This software comes with two available SKUs. One SKU includes 8x5 Standard Support, but is functionally identical to the 24x7 Premium Support listing.

If you would like to run several instances and would like enterprise pricing, please email We are also available for professional services engagements if you need configuration assistance.

*Price is added to Azure instance compute charges.