NOS - New Organization System

Saving Project Team

NOS - New Organization System

Saving Project Team

Solution for HR Organization and Compliance - ISO Systems

NOS™ (New Organization System) is an innovative suite of web solutions especially for HR -  Organization, Regulation management, Corporate Compliance Governance, Communication and ISO Management Systems


NOS™ is an ideal system so that internal procedures can prevent violation of the norms for hetero-regulation and self-regulation, thus avoiding the risk of sanctions, financial loss or degraded reputation.


The NOS™ suite

Consists of three innovative Share Point applications that can be activated singly or in integrated form, to deliver a focused response to an effective Company need, simultaneously enabling gradual, successive investments over time. 

NOS Norma™ for Digital Regulation Management

NOS Norma enables the optimisation and simplification of company management of International, Community and National Norms, primary and secondary. A list of Regulations and all the documents active on system is available one-click. Each document may be subject to editing, verification and approval workflow, with automatic mail forwarding to predefined users, upon changes in document status. A version history is maintained for each document, consultable and printable at any time. 

NOS Compliance™  for Digital Map Business Processes

NOS Compliance enables the construction of a Digital Map of Business and Business Support Processes browsed to accede to the Regulation, to the Compliance check points and to the related Organizational Structures. The application improves knowledge of company organization and comprehension of organizational and operative changes driven by new Norms or changes to current Norms. Before publication. The application is integrated with MS Visio that enables autonomous creation of active Process design, drilling down to an elementary flowchart level. Check Points can be inserted and activated in the graphic outlines for Regulatory Compliance, related to operative and managerial responsibilities. The Digital Maps can be linked to web contents, such as images and tutorial films. 

NOS Organization Chart  for  Digital Organizational Structures

NOS Organization Chartenables construction, management, consultation and browsing a dynamic company organization chart, at all levels, with overall and detailed displays. The organizational structures can be linked to the Regulations and the Digital Process Maps. The organizational structures are objects with