Lyriko is an AI-based CRM plug-in that improves content journey orchestration.

Companies hold a large amount of content inside their CRMs, used by Sales team and marketing automation systems to execute customer engagement strategies.

How to best leverage all these materials within an omnichannel orchestration?

Lyriko is a powerful AI-based solution that improves content journey orchestration on the basis of CRM interactions, marketing inputs and content relevance. The perfect symphony of resources to maximise content personalization, to improve Sales team efficiency, and to guide business strategy.

How does it work?


1. Reads and interprets all CRM materials and it automatically assigns the most relevant tags to each piece of content,

2. Gathers data from many different sources, such as CRM interactions, web analytics, social media campaigns and much more,

3. Then, when the marketing team sets specific campaign goals or key messages, all relevant auto-tagged contents are selected and automatically delivered to the right targets, at the best time and following customers’ interests and channel propensity,

4. This process takes into account also indirect channels, therefore the Sales team receives suggestions on the next meeting to schedule based on visit plans and customer preferences, which emails to send, and which slide of a specific document still needs to be shown to a specific customer

Advantages for team marketing and management

  • Increase sales with tangible results
  • Increase customer engagement through personalized content and enhanced multi-channel experience
  • Increase salesforce efficiency through greater adherence to both call plan and marketing objectives
  • Optimize content management
  • Track customer engagement and salesforce effectiveness on all channels

Advantages for the sales team

  • Save time
  • Simplify daily work through automatic customer lifecycle tracking
  • Make reaching personal goals easier
  • Suggestions about communication levers to better engage customers

Advantages for customers

  • Receiving personalized messages tailored to customer’s individual interests
  • Reducing the number of unnecessary interactions
  • Fitting multi-channel experiences to personal preferences

This solution can be implemented in a short period of time through a plug & play device and offers a high level of personalization.

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