SkyLab Transport Accelerator™ (STA™)

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SkyLab Transport Accelerator™ (STA™)

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SkyLab’s STA, a proprietary network transport protocol that optimizes transport layer performance.

STA accelerates traffic by analysing traffic & routing conditions in real time to find the fastest route between the data source and the destination even on 2G/3G/4G, satellite and many types of IoT radio networks. STA reduces network latency, increases throughput, optimizes transport layer performance and reduces overall network congestion problems.

Up to 200% improvement in response time with SkyLab Transport Accelerator Protocol (STAP) optimization features:

Faster Recovery

  • Support Wider Selective ACK(SACK) 255 NACK range while TCP supports only 3 SACK ranges
  • Enables faster recovery in the high packet loss environment
  • Faster packet loss detection by Improved Tail Loss Probe (TLP)


  • Adaptive congestion control by real-time bandwidth change detection
  • Predicts future changes 20ms ahead

Strong Security

  • Strong encryption in transport layer – AES 256
  • Encrypt protocol header and payload
  • Cryptographic way of authentication of every packet

Full User Mobility

  • STAP uses unique ID for each client instead of IP address and port number
  • No connection drop by changes of network

Network Switching

  • Allows for seamless transition between different network types (fixed line, LTE, satellite, etc) with no interruption or connection loss.
  • Automatic failover to redundant network type in case of disruption.
  • Thresholds can be configured to control when the switchover will take place (signal degradation, loss of connection).
  • Switchover can also be configured as a manual intervention, requiring user input to control.

FusionWire (Bandwidth Bonding)

  • Use multi-number of networks simultaneously for multi-path delivery – Maximize utilization of available capacity
  • Support for various Load Balancing algorithms for all connected networks – RR, WRR, Hash, Dynamic, etc.

QoS & CoS (Quality of Service & Class of Service)

  • Allocate bandwidth limits on each STA device and allocate limits on individual client connections
  • Centrally manage all STA devices maximum permitted bandwidth