Aerial Phenotyping for Research & Breeding

SlantRange, Inc.

Aerial Phenotyping for Research & Breeding

SlantRange, Inc.

SlantRange delivers accurate and specific metrics through remote sensing and advanced analytics.

Improve your trial efficacy

SlantRange’s patented aerial phenotyping platform delivers accurate and specific trait metrics through low-altitude remote sensing and advanced agricultural analytics.

  • Advance your R&D programs despite work-from-home restrictions with minimized on-site labor.
  • Save time with automated workflows for data collection, analysis, visualization, and integration.
  • Build confidence in your advancement decisions with more comprehensive and accurate trial statistics.

Validated in multiple crops across millions of plots worldwide, SlantRange’s aerial phenotyping platform is trusted by agriculture’s largest input suppliers to accelerate their development pipelines.

Deepen your understanding and confidence in trial performance

SlantRange’s intelligent analytics extract more value out of low-altitude aerial measurements for a more complete picture of your research trials.

  • Simplify data collections with centralized fleet management and planning functions.
  • Trust your data integrity with automated quality assurance algorithms that verify data in the field, at the time of collection.
  • Save time with automated assignment of results to individual plots.
  • Gain new perspectives through intuitive, data-rich visualizations.
  • Collaborate across large, globally-distributed teams with integrated data management features.
  • Build your own algorithms into the processing workflow for complete customization.

SlantRange’s aerial phenotyping platform is the most robust and flexible tool available to drive research and breeding trials.

Expand your insights

SlantRange’s analytics platform supports patented solutions for ultra high-resolution spectral imaging, RGB (color), and 3rd party multispectral sensors. SlantRange is continually adding new data sources to expand your insights.

Streamline your workflows

SlantRange’s secure data platform automates workflows and simplifies data management for large-scale, global trials. Spend your time assessing results and making decisions, not processing and organizing data.

SlantRange’s aerial phenotyping platform is designed to scale from the needs of a small Contract Research Organization (CRO) to global agri-business enterprises.