SparkBeyond Discovery | AI Data Science Platform


SparkBeyond Discovery | AI Data Science Platform


Automatically discover novel features and insights in complex data’

Data professionals are looking to interact with features and insights in natural language, allowing a deeper alliance between analytics and business stakeholders.

SparkBeyond Discovery leverages powerful AI to exhaustively connect and explore complex data in its raw, granular form for supervised machine learning. It discovers known and unknown features in data that give information about a target. This saves data professionals time in feature engineering and maximises data value through applying a wide range of aggregations. It finds expressive, interpretable, and more concise features ranking them based on their predictive power and then applies AutoML to build glass-box models.

No other data science platform explores complex data as exhaustively for known and unknown features for supervised machine learning.


  • Discover 25% more top features

  • Save 70% of the time it takes to discover known and unknown features

  • Increase model performance by 15%

Thousands of use cases including:

  • Ecommerce: Reducing customer churn & identifying fraud

  • Retail: Store location optimization

  • Financial Services: Personalized Marketing

  • Insurance: Underwriting / Cross Sell

  • Mining: Fuel usage optimization

  • Energy: Missed Pay Exploration

Key functions:

  • Marketing Analytics (Cross Sell/Upsell/Churn/KPI Optimization)

  • Operations: (Root Cause Analysis/Reducing OpEx)

  • Deliver Unprecedented Capacity for Data Professionals

SparkBeyond Discovery automates feature discovery in complex data at organisations like AIG, Baker McKenzie, McKinsey & Company, PepsiCo, Santander and Visa.

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