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Share Data. Without Sharing Data.

📢 We live in a data driven generation where big data, data mining and artificial intelligence are revolutionising the ways we obtain value from data.

❗️ But the challenge is that public and private entities fall into data paralysis because of (1) data inertia and (2) data privacy. 

1️⃣ Data inertia: if you do not or only partially use your sensitive, personal data, then you have costs of opportunities of not unlocking your full data potential.

2️⃣ Data privacy: If you do use your sensitive, personal data, you risk security breaches and fines for noncompliance, which damage not only your reputation but ultimately also your foundation of trust.

🚀 Our B2B SaaS solution - a synthetic data generator - empowers you to unlock your data potential and strengthen your foundation of trust, while mitigating privacy risks. 

👉  And the technology for that is synthetic data. 

❓ What is synthetic data and what are its advantages?

💥  In a nutshell:
➡️ Artificially-generated, yet anonymized data that mimics the original data.
➡️ Mimics the original data by learning the correlations and thus keeping the statistical distributions as the original data.
➡️ Can be scaled to any size and can be sampled from unlimited times, making it highly efficient.
➡️ Being fully anonymized it cannot be reversed, as is the case with pseudonymization.
➡️ Compliant with existing regulations and exempt from potential fines and penalties.
➡️ Cost effective when compared to alternatives such as pseudonymization.

✅ Syntheticus enables you to avoid compliance issues and share synthetic data.

💡 Gartner predicts: By 2024, 60% of the data used for the development of AI and analytics solutions will be synthetically generated.

❓ A often asked question: How can I generate synthetic data?

💥 2 simple steps in <1min:
1️⃣  First upload your data
2️⃣  Set your desired parameters and let the engine generate synthetic, anonymised data.

🎥  Watch the video!

📧  Reach out to us if you have some questions/remarks about this.